Dr. C. Lee Giles Announced as NFAIS' 60th Annual Conference Miles Conrad Awardee 

Annapolis, MD, January 22, 2018The NFAIS Board of Directors is pleased to announce that this year’s Miles Conrad Memorial Lecture will be given at the 60th Annual Conference by Dr. C. Lee Giles, David Reese Professor at the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. He joins industry leaders, innovators, and opinion-makers from the full breadth of the information community who have been designated as the Miles Conrad Lecturer for 50 years.

Dr. Giles commented “It is my pleasure to honor Miles Conrad by addressing the 60th annual conference of the organization he helped establish. My research and the evolution of NFAIS have been in parallel over the years. Thus, sharing my thoughts at this particular moment in time regarding both my research and an organization dedicated to the creation and distribution of research results becomes doubly significant.”

A pioneer in the field of Scholarly Big Data, Dr. Giles is known for the digital library search engine, CiteSeer, which he co-created, developed, and continues to maintain. As the first open scholarly paper search engine, CiteSeer radically changed the way scholars and scientists search the literature. It was the inspiration for numerous subsequent scholarly  search engines such as Google Scholar.  Dr. Giles developed many open source tools for text processing of scholarly documents, including the well-known ParsCit.

He spent many years as a research engineer, scientist, and program manager in industry,  government and academia. He has been affiliated with the University of Maryland, Princeton University, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Trento. He joined the Pennsylvania State faculty in 2000.  His current basic and applied research focuses on many areas—digital libraries, open access archives, intelligent cyberinfrastructure, deep learning networks, plus AI and machine learning for education.

Marcie Granahan, NFAIS Executive Director, remarked: “It is always a privilege for NFAIS to recognize an individual such as Dr. Giles whose contributions surpass any one period in his life, any one research focus, and any one achievement. The 2018 Miles Conrad Award joins other tributes to Dr. Giles’s continuous innovation and dedication to making access to information now and in the future ever easier to accomplish.”

The Miles Conrad Memorial Lecture honors one of the key individuals responsible for the founding of NFAIS, G. Miles Conrad. Conrad had an early grasp of the potential of computer technology when applied to the creation, organization, and dissemination of research information. His leadership contributions were such that, following his death in 1964, the NFAIS Board of Directors determined that an annual lecture series named in his honor would be central to the annual conference program. 

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