LiquidText wins NFAIS national "Startup Shootout" Competition! 

March 2, 2018, Annapolis, MD – The 2018 Winner of the Year in the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) Startup Shootout was LiquidText, a startup organization using a PDF reader that allows the user to enhance the way people comprehend and interact with information by utilizing today's technology to its full potential.

“2018 marked our third year of introducing the industry to emerging technologies and business models through out startup competition,” said Marcie Granahan, executive director of NFAIS. “The startup shootout is an entertaining vehicle for startups to share their products and services with their peers and proves to always be a highlight of the NFAIS annual conference.”

LiquidText, represented by CEO & founder, Craig S. Tashman, PhD. competed with three other contestants for the title: Profesza, presented by Aadi Narayana, Co-founder and head of product & innovation; SciencePOD (Science Prose On-Demand), presented by David Celana, Bussiness development manager; and Bibblio; represented by Founder, Mads Holmen.

The judging panel was comprised of Jason E. Rollins, Senior Director of Innovation at Clarivate Alanlytics, which owns and operates a collection of leading subscription-based services focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection, domain brand protection and intellectual property management; Neil Fleinburg, Founder & CEO at DiliVer, a venture-funded financial technology (FinTech) M&A software company with specialized due diligence solutions that help yield better combined entity outcomes and a variety of other transaction life-cycle benefits; and Andrea Michalek,or of Innovation, Managing Director of Plum Analytics and Vice President of research metrics product management, Elsevier, which was founded with the vision of bringing modern ways of measuring research impact to individuals and organizations that use and analyze research.

LiquidText received a plaque from NFAIS and an invitation to present in an upcoming NFAIS Webinar.

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The National Federation of Advanced Information Services ( NFAIS™) is a global, nonprofit, volunteer-powered membership organization that serves the information community - that is, all those who create, aggregate, organize, and otherwise provide ease of access to and effective navigation and use of authoritative, credible information. Member organizations represent a cross-section of content and technology providers, including database creators, publishers, libraries, host systems, information technology developers, content management providers and other related groups. They embody a true partnership of commercial, nonprofit and government organizations that embraces a common mission – to build the world's knowledge-base through enabling research and managing the flow of scholarly communication. NFAIS exists to promote the success of its members and for more than 50 years has provided a forum in which to address common interests through education and advocacy.