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Whether you're looking for answers to the challenges your organization faces in expanding the future of information services or seeking trustworthy, high-quality information that will impact your organization's success, the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS™) is the premier membership association for organizations that create, organize and facilitate access to reliable information.  A membership in NFAIS offers the opportunity for collaboration with others in the development of effective solutions to the challenges and opportunities of the digital information age.

The NFAIS community encompasses corporate, government and nonprofit entities from around the world—a veritable cross-section of creative information and technology experts who embrace change, and seek to move forward in creating the future of information services.  Database creators, publishers, libraries, host systems, information technology developers, and content management providers are just a few of the types of organizations that comprise the membership of NFAIS.


NFAIS Announces Plans to Merge With NISO


The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) have today announced a proposed combination, designed to better serve their members, during a time of rapid change.

The respective boards of NISO and NFAIS have unanimously approved moving ahead with the merger proposal, which is conditional on NFAIS member approval. The merged entity sees significant opportunities for enriched and invigorated programming, delivered in a more efficient and innovative way, to the combined group’s 250-plus members.

The combined association will be more effective and influential within the community of publishers, information distributors, libraries, government agencies, and technology partners who make up the membership. Participants are expected to see greater benefits, while most organizations who are currently members of both organizations will also see a reduction in dues as a single entity.

For information:

NFAIS' primary objective is to ensure the timely flow of information to all who need it by promoting communication and collaboration across the global information community.  Webinars, conferences, workshops, subscriptions to industry newsletters, and specialist roundtables are just some of the ways that you, as an NFAIS member, can network and learn from other subject matter experts.  There is no better place to connect with government, academia, nonprofit and commercial business leaders in the information field.

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