NFAIS Committees

Committees are the working force at the heart of NFAIS.  They allow for in-depth study of a particular area, and ensure NFAIS has the right people with the right skills and interest advising the Board of Directors and staff.  Below is a list of NFAIS standing committees.  If you are interested in joining a committee, contact us at (443) 221-2980.

Annual Conference Planning Committee

The Annual Conference Planning Committee works with NFAIS headquarters in the planning, development and implementation of a world-class conference that accomplishes multiple objectives, including:

  • the retention of existing NFAIS members.
  • attracting new members from all information community sectors.
  • increasing meeting attendance and revenues.
  • increasing the number and diversity across business levels of attendees from member organizations.
  • providing a networking forum that promotes cooperation and collaboration across all segments of the global information community.
  • ultimately raising, broadening and enhancing NFAIS' visibility and reputation within the information community.

Humanities Roundtable Committee

The NFAIS Humanities Roundtable Committee serves those who create, organize, and otherwise provide ease of access to and effective navigation and use of authoritative, credible information in the humanities by providing forums for information and education and by encouraging the mutual exchange of ideas and concerns.  The committee's responsibilities include:

  • working on the content and format of the annual NFAIS Humanities Roundtable.
  • Considering other effective means of communication and support within the humanities information community.
  • working to increase participation in the Roundtable's activities.

Library Education Committee

The NFAIS Library Education Committee supports NFAIS in the development and circulation of resources for use of library and information schools worldwide in the teaching of effective and efficient information access, search and retrieval.

Marketing Committee

The NFAIS Marketing Committee works with NFAIS headquarters to raise, broaden and enhance the organization's visibility within the information community through the reinvention of NFAIS' public image, resulting in increased membership, increased attendance at events, increased participation on NFAIS committees, and strengthened bonds between NFAIS and its member organizations.

Webinar and Workshop Planning Committee

The NFAIS Webinar and Workshop Planning Committee works with NFAIS headquarters in the planning, development, and implementation of webinars and workshops on topics of current interest to the information community. The meetings have multiple objectives:

  • to provide opportunities for professional development and networking to junior and senior staff within NFAIS member organizations.
  • to attract participation across all market sectors.
  • to retain existing members and attract new members.
  • ultimately to raise, broaden, and enhance NFAIS' visibility and reputation within the global information community.