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2014, No. 2     The Environment That Google Sees; The Environment Users Are Trained For

2014, No. 1     Google Scholar, Jane Austen, and Changes in Scholarly Search


2013, No. 7     Starbucks and the Slow Build

2013, No. 6     Emerging Media: Just What Exactly Are We Looking At?

2013, No. 5     Frustration-Free Packaging: Chromecast

2013, No. 4     Little Boxes: Changing the Interface and User Expectations

2013, No. 3     Public Data, Public Access, Public Discussion

2013, No. 2     Hacking, Cracking and Working Well With Others

2013, No. 1     Discovering the Book


2014, No. 4     The Georgia State University Decision

2012, No. 3     Online Activity Data: Reports, Interpretation and Safeguards

2012, No. 2     Milking the MOOC

2012, No. 1     Learning to Share: Images and Data


2011, No. 5     The Tablet as Driver

2011, No. 4     Catching Fire?!

2011, No. 3     You've Unlocked the Rookie Badge: Gamification as a Trending Topic

2011, No. 2     Small Group Interactions: Google+ as a Platform with Purpose

2011, No. 1     Six Types of Apps You Can't Do Without